Frog Flag

Going to France for a little "je ne sais quoi" ...

...but you are terrified of the froggies' notorious xenophobia?

(A well-documented French affliction that manifests itself in intense disdain for foreigners, especially those who try to speak French.

But not to worry. Here is a quick primer that should take care of all the situations you may find yourself in while in the land of Camembert, Beaujolais, mal de foie and Gauloises.

Simply click a combination of words until you build an entire sentence. We can't guarantee the accent but some twisted waiter or cab driver will probably understand you.

Do you want Do we really have Do you know how
Is it be possible Will I manage

to sleep with to find to eat to buy
to show me to look like to stand to get in

Gerard Depardieu perfume a pair of frog legs
good cheese the Eiffel Tower
a genuine Parisian my wife my pants

in your wildest dreams? to cover the smell? while drinking red wine? without speaking French? right after breakfast? without being too arrogant? when my mother-in-law is around? after eating 300 croissants? ? (nothing)

Bonne Chance!